BJ Floor Radio 1-1 cropThere’s an ache.  There’s always an ache, or some complex string of aches, compulsions, and desires.  John Colvert shows us that the aches that are the most palpable, the most intense are the ones that define who we are.  And the measure of strength that’s used to harness those aches, well that’s the on-going war worth writing about.

Colvert says, “There’s no sense in pretending that we win all of our inner battles.  I certainly don’t. ”

Colvert and his band, John Colvert and the Great Brighton Fire are gaining recognition within the Boston music scene for Colvert’s style of poignant and barrier-free songwriting and their passionate and fiery live performances.

John has performed on the side stage for John Prine and Lucinda Williams. He has also opened for Adam Ezra Group, Langhorne Slim, The Dunwells, and Keith Kane (of Vertical Horizon).

“…the emotion behind John’s music is barely contained within his frame, telling all in the audience that there’s a story behind his singing, and he’s here to share it with all of us.” The Noise (Boston, MA)

“His songs are poignant and his delivery is sincere.” The Weekly Dig (Boston, MA)